June 22, 2016

Yiwu County textile products plant

Yiwu Textile Equipment Manufacturing plant is located at up to 29 Dover Road, thickening, the predecessor on the toothbrush scrubbing remember to brush dense urban cooperatives, playing shuttle fishing rods production in 1964, was renamed inside 1969 in Yiwu Market County textile products plant. 1977 has been listed as one of the tough luck designated manufacturers dark brown wire Ministry regarding Textile Industry, 85, there are brown cord production lines involving 42 sets connected with special equipment, the key products are steel hands, bamboo reeds, rises and other textiles, just where Brown was graded wire as Shengyouchanpin. In 1987, Dark brown was named twine Ministry of Linen Industry of good quality products. "Qianjiang" company trademark was referred to as Zhejiang famous brand. 23 years ago, companies were performing as "provincial innovative unit. " 95, four consecutive numerous years of heavy losses. That kicks off in august 1999, business travelled bankrupt.

After the authentic Yiwu City Material Equipment Factory individual bankruptcy, there are 17 residences, with a total associated with nearly 21, 000 square meters regarding land, construction part of 15, 000 rectangular meters. Most buildings were illegally rented. To enhance the overall level of quality of Yiwu city construction, and advertise urban organic repair work, Choujiang roadways positive will metropolis Investment Group and also administrative law enforcement as well as other relevant departments, Yiwu Map composed of the demolition with the Working Group, this coming year April 27 guarding in the former Yiwu textile equipment vegetable to carry out the enrollment publicity, demolition perform. It is understood the original Yiwu fabric equipment plant an overall total of 84 professional tenants, 96 houses. Entrance to door employees issued a discover to come to do ideological work. To work make an effort to and steadily very good tenant vacated the house, the staff take gentle means, such as a lease contract for 18 yrs for customers, Yiwu International Trade City while try really hard to working to make each and every other's thinking, alternatively actively looking for transition housing for its answer worries.

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June 15, 2016

Yiwu market resources besides APP

Yiwu market resources besides APP, the first inside China Chen calligraphy and design period through, published "calligraphy Plane Formation" as well as declared three countrywide patents aids calligraphy, Yiwu Stationery Market calligraphy is intended to be able to introduce the design of simple education, promote the particular internationalization of calligraphy and modernize the original calligraphy display a fresh youth. "I've for ages been the academic teaching because the pursuit of life, just not a living, means in getting employed. " Turning to analysis, Chen Although to find out the destiny old, she still would like to use Internet technological innovation to change the education surroundings.

"With Internet and up. platform can be shaped calligraphy and design and style issues related document and e-book submitting; standardized training string calligraphy; calligraphy and also fitness combined business structure, along with in-depth review of the movement regarding calligraphy writing are located in the development of the new product or service features; establishment along with development of new products according to calligraphy, Yiwu Market and even wise appliances and other educating aids open up fresh industrial chain, "Chen said, which can be applied as follow-up purchase. Next, she will end up being promoted through a a comprehensive portfolio of social cooperation in addition to effective business functions of the company's fast expansion, for first-mover advantage, and advertise the steady progress the company's future.

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Yiwu very clear, policy-makers in policy-making organ process

Yiwu stressed the need to value in accordance with the market competitors priority, based on an international, balanced, scientific organizing, step by step, according to the law assessment, and strengthen direction principle, the institution and implementation involving fair competition censorship, regulate the behavior from the relevant government, increase the construction of a one, open, competitive and also orderly market method. Policymaking organs inside the policy making process, sensible competition should be evaluated. Market access, professional development, Yiwu Toys Market investment, bidding process, government procurement, enterprise conduct, qualification criteria and other regulations, instruction documents and other insurance policy measures related to the key economic activity in the market, both must be included in the scope on the review. Administrative restrictions and other relevant insurance policies and measures created by the State Local authority or council, local regulations, typically the drafting department to get reviewed in the creating process.

Yiwu very clear, policy-makers in policy-making organ process, to regulate market entry along with exit, the free of charge flow of goods in addition to factors affecting manufacturing and operation fees, the impact of four areas of production and operations of 18 expectations, fair competition evaluate. Yiwu Wholesale Market After having assessed the introduction rule out or restrict levels of competition, it should not be presented or adjusted to fulfill the requirements after. Simply no review of fair opposition, shall not be unveiled. Meanwhile, the "Opinions" to define often the exceptions to safeguard countrywide economic security as well as cultural security, lower income alleviation and improvement and other aspects of devastation relief.

Yiwu ask for, since July 2016, the State Council division, the provincial someones government and section policies and procedures introduced to compete pretty reviewed; 2017 onwards, the provincial peoples' government should progressively open their individual administrative regions, guidebook city and state people's governments and also relevant departments to undertake the review. Present policies and methods to control the standard connected with review of fair level of competition, different circumstances, Yiwu Market protected grasp of beat, and to repeal the earlier impede the organized liquidation of a unique market and considerable competition in the different provisions and procedures. The establishment of your fair competition insurance plan measures after the launch of censorship, to be able to regularly assess the rendering and impact with the effect of competition in the marketplace, and improve the connection between an evaluation.

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June 14, 2016

The particular newly revised professional enterprises

The particular newly revised professional enterprises comprehensive review of yield gain approach, focusing on the particular evaluation and weighting, corporate score calculations, sorting method, and so forth have been adjusted, and attempt to build reasonably mirror the objective reality, Yiwu Socks Market typically the scientific measure of organization efficiency Evaluation Method. Meanwhile, after the rendering of policies differentiated performance evaluation be revised to improve, particularly for water, electricity and also price differentiation, difference of urban area use tax reduction, environmental resources differentiated configuration core insurance policy focus revised.

Found that the yield help comprehensive evaluation method in seven significant aspects of the change. Including improvement involving evaluation system, often the establishment of a static correction coefficients, the examination carried out by industry, Some sort of enterprises to raise the actual threshold finalists, your class B enterprises binned lessee adjustment guidelines and adjustment packages on the evaluation of your particular enterprise. These kinds of more complete, thorough, scientific evaluation strategies, to guide adjustment connected with water, electricity, gasoline, emission rights, property targets, Yiwu Market tax insurance plan, etc ., to achieve "accurate help enterprises. very well In addition , the next step, the location will implement differentiated configuration policies contain elements of urban terrain use tax, h2o and electricity selling price differential, and other ecological resources for the A new, B, C, Deb four categories of small business, to concentrate it is limited resources used on economic factors successful, high yield rewards, social contribution huge enterprises, and by bad enterprises substantive Pressured to further stimulate the particular consciousness of corporate and business restructuring and changing, leveraging the city's economic structure modification and transformation, Yiwu Fair in order that more resource factors quality and successful service for the organization, so that "Excellence" for being "top student. micron

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Yiwu later gained the State Technological Innovation Award

Referring to this issue, Zhang Guojun told reporters discuss of such a factor: before 2013, Huazhong University of Research and Technology exploration team took the particular lead in The far east to develop a complete programmed packaging production brand of high technology indications, however , when the Commence will this contemporary technology when shown a refrigeration Zhongshan enterprise applications, as the stability of the generation line is too reduced, the failure level is too high, work less than five mins will stop a equipment, on-site inspection can become "technology memorial services. " Finally, spend more than 40 investigation Institutes myself, make the technology consider root in businesses have settled lower. Yiwu Christmas Market Because this project considerably reduce the manufacturing expense radio frequency id card and later gained the State Technological Innovation Award.

"A lots of scientific research successes into place endured 'Waterloo', is too needed the technology along with market this 'mismatch' made of a epidermis. " Zhang Guojun said, "We should also research the beginning of the varsity direct cash, but a practice learned that this 'mismatch' pinching not to go, it should have a new more advanced R & Deb institutions 'third skin' this or that 'glue' to try to do. "in truth, Yiwu City the Zhang Guojun view is the opinion of the scientific in addition to technological research program and local authorities provide people. It broke the new R and also D institutions "mismatch" chronic illness, and thus popular.

Earlier this coming year, has just appointed brain of the Guangdong Company of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said Zou Jianhua, as a researchers, which took business office just a few months have got completely changed their particular values, "universities, Yiwu Market analysis institutions and the industry can not be rigid docking, First, companies don't realize our system of colleges as well as universities, colleges and universities don't understand the business operation regarding ideas, and next short-term strengths and also advantages of technological innovation along with industrial application is just not the most urgent enterprise colleges where the inertia of the traditional method has seriously impeded the scientific in addition to technical personnel motivation, with its great attempts to squeeze the 2 together, it is better allow emerging research establishments play a role. "

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June 13, 2016

Yiwu Market from Thinking about receiving to May

Recently, the city held G20 summit in work security meeting to analyze the actual situation and troubles of safety throughout production, the full deployment of the next cycle of work basic safety. Yiwu City leaders Chenxiao Zhong, WANG Xin-feng attend the getting together with.

The meeting talked about, this year from Thinking about receiving to May, the metropolis comprehensively strengthen creation safety work, the project has made positive advancement, but the current generation safety situation remains to be grim. All pertinent units on the basis of pursuits carried out good "potential hazards, make up the limited board, Yiwu Market summit safety measures, and promote development", and focus on doing the work rectification of risky chemicals, fireworks remediation, "three places a pair of enterprises" (spraying, regarding dust, limited place place, involving refrigerant, metallurgical enterprises) changement work. At the assembly, after the residential pavements, the Soviet Association Town, crowded area streets, the town area were work protection to share their expertise and exchange.

Typically the meeting stressed, G20 summit approaching, job safety can not be avoided. The relevant units have to recognize the situation, properly strengthen work safe practices responsibility and pressure; to strengthen measures in promoting the safety production do the job continued in depth; for you to implement the responsibility in order to create a strong job security and safety mechanisms. The conference called for action-oriented, efforts first, Yiwu Wholesale Market check small board, make up the brief board, relentless force of the accident, in order to avoid sticking, spare zero efforts in this year's production safety function, especially work security during the G20 smt, to create a good surroundings for production basic safety escort G20 protection Summit held effortlessly.

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Yiwu Persuits officers from To the south Korea

Last night, with the Yiwu Persuits officers from To the south Korea sent the 1st international mail ballots completed unpacking assessment procedures, Yiwu global mail exchange office buildings officially started admittance Mail regulatory enterprise, Yiwu Futian Market all inbound and also outbound messages regarding local through practices. Yiwu became following Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the particular province's third knowledge inbound and phone e-mail through methods of the local metropolis.

After the entry in the mail business exposed, Yiwu entry meaning will no longer have to detour Hangzhou customs wholesale procedures, the concept can be transferred straight from Hangzhou to Yiwu Market customs clearance treatments, thereby eliminating work staff member, Hangzhou, Yiwu trouble in a couple of places, time fees, logistics costs may be substantially reduced.

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June 06, 2016

Yiwu City Police Flames Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu

May well 10 afternoon, Yiwu City Police Flames Brigade Literary Federation organized hand in Yiwu Calligraphers Association, typically the Artists Association, paper-cut association, in the get away launched a "welcome initial anniversary of detachment" painting paper reducing Yongjun creative pursuits. Yiwu City from over 20 local music artists, calligraphers, paper slicing master gathered, or even ink brush, or perhaps skilled paper-cut, for the reason that soldiers brought some sort of rich, fresh and chic, strong infection ethnic feast, with artwork, paper-cut passed armed service cherishes the people assist the army's government and civilian shut as fish.

Celebration, president of the Connection of Yiwu Zhu Xinqi paper-cut the idea with members thoroughly created "Listen big brother tell the story on the fire", "Qi recruitment", "Yiwu Soldier associated with Resistance Against Japan" theme series of paper-cut works sent to often the hands of the distance of officers as well as men, and in area with superb knowledge cut a brilliant paper-cut works. Typically the officers and adult men also take this probability Yiwu Futian Market to pick up the scissors, paper cutting get better at who followed the actual creation of mastering.

At the same time, Yiwu Area Calligraphers Association, the particular Artists Association regarding calligraphy and piece of art are not only common sense to elucidate the scene calligraphy, painting technique, inventive experience, but also typically Yiwu Hotels the scene painting, publishing, Dan, show the artist smooth, lifelike imaginative charm, the members of the military sent the word vibrant, lyrical to sketch spiritual nourishment, by simply all officers and also men of a cozy welcome.

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This also tends to make people after the involving happiness

Morning hours, traditions consciously woke up inner consciousness regarding ordinary people, they would from the wild wormwood, eyes water stream early on inserted Yiwu City in the entrances, windows and entrance wafting bamboo foliage a trace involving faint fragrance. Men and women put a year connected with joy and expect entrusted to this festivity, after this day, most of us have busy exposed in farm job areas in.

In 278 BC, dating back practically 2, 300 yrs, the old man would certainly write poetry, a love for their country as well as the suffering of love, dislike and calumny bounded underappreciated, Yiwu Market the demoted exile, fought more effective countries, Central Flatlands. That day, if the Qin army changing Chu Ying Ni (now Hubei Jiangling), Sanlv Qu Yuan Qin hoof along with looked proud waving the banner of these homes has left, reached Miluo River, soaking in the Dragon Ship Festival in May possibly, the last glimmer associated with hope in life will be exhausted, frustrated, put into a swirl inside river. Miluo Sea sadly sheltered the particular people's poet regarding noble sentiments in addition to soul, since then, furthermore witnessed the rejeton of their idol brains bottom and respected.

Persons came to Miluo Body of water, the face of the going river, he retained throwing rice dumplings into the river, foods, worship poet, waterway fish also wish for the sake of the poet person, Yiwu HuangYuan Market the poet vessel flooding. This also tends to make people after the involving happiness in tastes on the tongue, while using water sports boat contest this project, together with the mother filled with various colored lines diamond au cours de hung on Jingbo joyous, with hemp and bamboo actually leaves mixed viscous, has not dissipated childhood thoughts.

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Yiwu promote the improving of service amount management

July 1 8 pm hours, the new road populated vegetable market, organic field area, deli, meat Divisional apparent, dry and clean up. Within each sector also hoisted signals stalls area, purchasers can quickly find the merchandise you want to buy presentation area area, greatly accomplish the people shopping. "The new road stores has changed so much, previous to to buy food usually are reluctant the multi-standby a minute, now not solely clean, Yiwu Market but also appearance atmosphere, better than often the supermarket difference. "positive carrying grocery carrier of Ms. Ruler said that since the marketplace transformation, she is considerably more willing to come here to obtain food, because the setting is good, the selection a lot.

Filed past the maqui berry farmers market, the public Auntie Chen shook his / her head: "Before opening up the market fish stop moving sewers, garbage everywhere you go, the ground slippery, for being careful walking to obtain food. " Before, Yiwu Furniture Market the city's growers market "dirty as well as messy "it is often a relatively common happening.

Market Development Set, the relevant person the leader, through unremitting work, in recent years, the city's farmers market to realize a significantly superior hardware and program, while the market relative to each grid trademark of labor, management and also personnel to optimise the integration block, along with the market staff, vendors signed their do the job responsibility, clear ambitions, tasks, establish along with improve the health industry, vehicles, food safe practices management system, organize enviromentally friendly sanitation comprehensive treatment method: First, do the regular work, based on the market place regularly carry out clean-up hygiene activities, in addition to cleaning staff just one pair markets open toilets, "psoriasis" along with key regional unique cleanup; second is with at night time friends and family business closed once the staff of the lending broker of the market yard to wash, remove waters and debris inside gutter, Yiwu Market cleaning partitions cobwebs, do not be dead, did not flow a pool; your third is to carry out anti-mosquito Miezhang work, help the "three" set a terrific job market in addition to the "four evils" and other anti-vectors system work; Latest group was founded analysis team, the way to have occasional supervision, check up results and year-end assessment linked to sector, promote the improving of service amount management.

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Yiwu global trade comprehensive change pilot area give attention to land

Yiwu is included in this "Super Plan", Yiwu train hub project has been included in the Yangtze Body of water Delta regional vehicles infrastructure focused architectural, planning clearly explained, "the strong help of national commerce en ligne model city of Yiwu construction. "

Yangtze River Delta urban center group composed of 21 cities, with Shanghai in china as the core, the routine includes nine cities and districts inside Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang, Anhui each ten municipalities and zones. Planning period of 2016-2020, Yiwu Market the medium-term concentrate on by 2020, the essential formation of a attractive economy, high-end ability aggregation, innovation leaped, intensive and successful use of space, brilliant city group construction. Looking forward to 2030, the actual Yangtze River Delta city group allowance of global resources critical role more well known, the national services, radiation Asia-Pacific entrance status more combined, comprehensive build the particular world-class quality, first class city group.

The routine, build a network involving spatial pattern connected with "a nuclear several laps Four Zone" in the Yangtze Water Delta city party. Specifically: to enhance typically the Shanghai global town functions; promote Nanjing metropolitan area, city area, Hangzhou, Hefei metropolitan area, Suzhou, Wuxi and metro area, metropolitan Ningbo five metropolitan metropolis development; Yiwu Airport the advertising of co-Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo progress zone, development region along the Yangtze Waterway, coastal development zoom, Shanghai-Hangzhou with several gold development advancement development with polymerization. Shanghai-Hangzhou Jin improvement zone which is counting on the Shanghai-Kunming route that connects Shanghai in china, Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Jinhua and other cities, to experience a high degree of visibility and the advantages of often the private economy produced in China (Shanghai) free trade check area, Yiwu City global trade comprehensive change pilot area give attention to land and marine to create bi-directional wide open Heights building to be able to high-tech industry and also trade logistics-based built-in development zone, Hangzhou Bay region total industrial layout, improve and Quzhou, Lishui ecological environment shared prevention and boost Jiangxi and other the radiation capacity of the core region.

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June 03, 2016

Yiwu to thoroughly put into action the central

Yiwu has always been the soul of reform and also innovation, further attempts to reform contemporary in the field of homeland, continually sum up experience to learn good practices for that country to make a display lead. To promote typically the orderly reunification associated with real estate registration, close to four to achieve entrave, operational coordination, data sharing and other goals, Yiwu Market and strengthen facts platform construction; set service to the people doorstep realize it is registration to benefit the population; to strengthen the building, the actual security and secrecy of study along with education. To continue to market the reform regarding rural homestead method, adhere to the problem-oriented, in-depth research in addition to innovation, increase the source system, so that a lot more people enjoy the connection between the reform; in addition to the renovation of older urban areas, promote bad land redevelopment as well as reuse, effectively rejuvenate land resources, Yiwu Shoes Market demanding land use, increase service levels, and also constantly strengthen the weather of protection involving land resources potential.

Chen Tiexiong needs at the forum, Yiwu to thoroughly put into action the central, comarcal cities work seminar, a high starting point planning for a new round connected with development, co-ordinate the event, utilization and defense of land along with resources, speed up often the urbanization process and additional enhance urban capabilities, quality and construction; to adhere to innovation in addition to development, and definitely explore the rural homestead land and assets management reform as well as institutional innovation, change article bigger, encourage urban and country development be distributed; to adhere to cluster growth, restructuring and progress, Yiwu City to update the very idea of urban development, the technique of change in order to showcase urban transformation and also economic upgrading, with all the guide system demonstrates, in the whole society intense land use opinion.

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June 01, 2016

Yiwu to develop environmentally friendly habits

Natural School evaluation along with acceptance group Comunitario Environmental Protection Department, Department of Training coalition, Yiwu City to create a institution to take on-site reports, data access, report generation and on-site seeing PPT show opinions manner on-site review and acceptance, entirely affirmed the affirmation of each school to make green school work in the practice of instructing science, especially in Yiwu, Zhejiang Normal University or college affiliated primary origin boy House constructing, build academy, back garden, park, construction of sophistication culture Choujiang secondary school, middle school scholars yiting environmental process, three small entereza green campus, jampacked city features a smaller practice teaching, good humanistic culture, Yiwu Market historical past junior Niansanli "rattle culture" and other actions, are better built-into the environmental education written content.

Acceptance Group listed deepening create eco-friendly schools from the up coming three efforts in which schools play a role to promote the construction of environmental civilization the main front side propaganda to create a environmentally friendly school students in promoting environmental education as being an important carrier, Lide tree people; from the subject permeation corroborate together, the traditions of eco-conscious learners, through the "big side little hand" motion, driving the family for you to participate Yiwu Cosmetics Market in a total of 5 water treatment, the actual environment control and the environmental protection and other routines; environmental education to advance focus on creating a atmosphere to guide college students from save each drop of normal water, every unit involving electricity, every document and other little issues, to develop environmentally friendly habits.

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That consumers understand the purchaser confidence

Fukuda market supervision from the staff immediately to start out mediation. Mediation, anyone in charge of the hotel room, free toiletries inside the table below deal with drawer, placed on the particular table face toiletries should be charged, it seemed to be a price tag, nonetheless it is placed toward the lining, and not conspicuous. Industry surveillance staff noticed that under the customary accommodations and other services, fees the room must have fast, Yiwu Market and should be put in a conspicuous place, easy to arouse the eye of consumers. The resort will free motel supplies in a compartment, yet charge products in a conspicuous spot, and there is no precise charges, the use of the client mind-set formula, without a doubt misleading consumers suppose. Besides, Yiwu Map the clerk did not make the requirement to explain, but assigned consumers, disrespectful, this specific behavior does not adhere to civilized norms services sector, detrimental to the of the international traveler city of Yiwu.

Following mediation, hotel business owners aware of their own incorrect behavior, Yiwu HuangYuan Market it is guaranteed crude language waitress apologized Mr. Xiang Wang, toiletries and also refund overcharged, the 2 sides shake palms. The hotel established said, they will modify immediately toiletries position, express charges, in order that consumers understand the purchaser confidence.

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Yiwu Market company product sales in the bulk

Latest care and attractiveness appliance industry all together good sales prospective. Plastic comb, plastic-type mirror inexpensive, solid demand; metal hand mirror, wood mirror sophisticated work, take the major export Japan, Korea and Africa, gross sales of stable; top brush, eyeliner, aesthetic pencils, Yiwu Market eyelash curler, puff and other cosmetics appliance products the particular export market is improving; razor blades, non reusable razors and other mens shaving products industry Zouwang appliance, company product sales in the bulk.

Recently, the the neck and throat smooth jewelry market, the overall trend, concluding the atmosphere inside of steadily. Domestic product sales, Bohemian style pendant, high-grade alloy diamonds necklace, imitation pellet long necklace offering popular; Yiwu Futian Market summer 14K gold pendant bracelets zircon, natural pill pendant, natural ravenscroft pendants, beeswax side pendants and other precious jewelry sales rise. Upload, middle and reduced class pendants, fat string class method and exaggerated ring alloy stable revenue, the main selling among East, Southeast Parts of asia, Africa and other areas.

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May 28, 2016

Yiwu showing the variation of tourism goods

The particular exhibition of "New Tourism ยท mental world" as the style, attracted 1305 organizations from the United States, Australia, Yiwu Futian Market France, Switzerland as well as other 27 countries in addition to regions participating, an overall total of 2031 global standard booths, a great exhibition area of 55, 000 square colocar, compared with last year has grown steadily.

Show adopted the "market-oriented operations, supplemented by admin promotion, " the essential of "innovation as well as tourism commodities trading" as the core, the key exhibition goods and also exhibition structure has been further optimized, Hangzhou to Yiwu the particular exhibition of new technological innovation, new formats, new items more prominent, exhibit improved steadily increasing effectiveness of the event. Show cohesion travel and leisure supply-side reform, demonstrating a large number of the latest design and style, creative works, given travel goods trend; wisdom tourism display to build and advertise the "Internet and up. tourism" new form of improvement; the exhibition likewise cater to the market requirement, so visitors to totally experience the tourist intake, showing the variation of tourism goods.

During the exhibition, in addition held the 2016 Chinese revolution bathroom seminars, tourism tool seminar, tourism job promotion forum, Yiwu Market China's tourism commodities tournament and other activities to help accentuate the effects of prospect and drive Traveling Fair.

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May 27, 2016

Yiwu Market Patriotic Health Plan Committee

Could 24, Guardian territorial Planning Commission mouthpiece director Xu Runlong led provincial Loyal Sanitation "four bugs homes clean, protected and healthy security and safety summit" Working evaluation teams to the law supervision. Deputy key market, Yiwu City Wang Ying, director of Urban center Patriotic Health Plan Committee, accompanied by check up.

Inspection group followed our city, "four pests cleaning households, health insurance security summit" work report, typically the two-pronged business center on the markets, In yuan Instrument, Yiwu Airport, International Business City Passenger Carry Center, Zhejiang some hospitals and other arena supervision.

Inspection workforce of the city's "four pests homes clean up, safe and wholesome security summit" thoroughly affirmed the work this Yiwu Artificial Flower Market leading contr?le at all levels fix great importance into the linkage mechanism is rather sound, very effective admin support, very sound work measures. In addition hope to eliminate slack thinking, and a zero-tolerance attitude to ensure that often the "four pests household clean, safe in addition to healthy security summit" of the work accomplished.

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Yiwu once again earned the first prize

May well 25 to dua puluh enam, the third China Shandong Shouguang county internet summit held Ali Research Institute published the "2015 Tiongkok E-commerce Report county" 2015 China Internet and best region list. Following the 2013, 2014, continuous electric power supplier PARKnSHOP Local, China ranked top rated, Yiwu, once again earned the first prize, "three-peat. "

2015 The far east ranked the best state in the electricity provider list second along with third place correspondingly Yongkang and is also, were the fourth for you to ten Kunshan, Haining, Tongxiang, rooftops, Qinghe, Germany and Changshu. This is since 2014, Yiwu Sourcing Agent Ali Institute to the third consecutive relieve "electricity supplier PARKnSHOP county" list. Coming from a provincial perspective, "electricity supplier PARKnSHOP county" widely distributed throughout 14 provinces, mostly in Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu lieu, together accounted intended for 71%. Among them, Zhejiang "electricity supplier PARKnSHOP county, " the most important number of 42.

From the public electricity dealer business, buy Dazhong consumption, courier companies, electricity providers regulations eradication and other sub-list, Yiwu Market in "2015 Chinese entrepreneurs open public electricity supplier by far the most active 50 counties", "2015 China's almost all active consumer order Dazhong 50 areas ", " 2015 China courier assistance fifty JIAXIAN "are ranked first from the three sub-list.

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Center Museum of brought in goods purchase Yiwu

Analysis, Chen and his event inspected the new Global Trade City Section and five Center Museum of brought in goods, purchase Yiwu Market, Liu Qingyan community, international mail change offices, in-depth comprehension of market restructuring along with development, trade program construction and so on. Inside the Museum of brought in goods, Chen a different way to go, way to observe, the way to ask every once in awhile into the shops within just view product, inquire the price and revenue. In his view, always promote market success, Yiwu realized from your "buy the country, offering the country" for you to "buy global, offer global" transformation involving imported goods inside improving market good quality, while promoting home-based goods quality has a subtle has a bearing on. In the village connected with Liu Qingyan Chen, a new platform to visit into the network supplier, Yiwu Wholesale Market a customer incubation facilities, and entrepreneurs, organization mentor cordial alternate, he hoped that will Liu Qingyan far better and better commerce en ligne continues to lead area of electronic small business development.

At the community forum, after hearing studies on the situation, Chen Yi-hsin of the city's reform and progress the main practices, performance and experience, and also owned Assets Direction and state-owned businesses reform achievements confirmed confidence in the future progress Yiwu. He mentioned, relying on Yiwu first-mover advantage and present strength, vitality, Yiwu should further improve the sense of change, broaden the change ideas, intensify change comprehensively deepen change, scientific approach to change, Yiwu Airport the reform journey, have been deployed to market the introduction of on the change of solid surface, to achieve results, to undertake a comprehensive assessment on the various areas of change, reform initiatives to boost the system integration, the particular central well done, new york state and to the change mandate Yiwu, the to provide more steady replicable experiences. To be able to speed up the development of Yiwu transformation, to further conform to the new normal, Écart, enhance a new stage, to develop five fresh development concept to steer Yiwu, improve the level of quality of development, carry out everything possible to help accelerate the market change, enterprise restructuring, professional restructuring, to develop a fresh city technology, use of urban in addition to rural areas, international urbanization, residents citizenship, build cities, increase the transformation with the city.

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May 24, 2016

Yiwu market chance preference drive down advantage prices fell

Friday, commodity market yet again usher in a communautaire slump, intraday bond, HRC, iron ore, coking coal, pepsi, six varieties of silicone hit a limit, a small rebound late. With the close, only bright sugar closed upwards, and the rest are generally mainstream commodity fell into close. Wherein every single main contract diminishes as follows: char chop down 6. 29%, sizzling rolled coil dropped 5. 85%, straightener ore fell your five. 73 percent, along 5. 58 pct thread, rubber droped 5. 20%, decrease 4. 95% coking coal, asphalt, straight down 4. 32%; fell into more than 2% there are actually: Yiwu Market glass, vegetable oil, side oil, soybean olive oil, cotton, rapeseed, PP and other species; fall of between 1% - 2% involving are: Nickel, PTA, methanol, soybeans, plastic-type material, aluminum, zinc, soybean meal, PVC, ovum, tin and other versions. It can be described as emaciated, bleak.

Commodity looks collective slump, while using recent attitude on the Fed raising rates of interest change is a one on one correlation. Last week, the actual Federal Reserve getting together with on interest rates throughout April, Yiwu Artificial Flower Market the short minutes show that does not reject raising interest rates sometime soon, followed by a number of Raised on officials have made identical hawkish remarks, the market industry expected the National Reserve to raise percentage of interest in June the particular probability to go up deliberately, the dollar ongoing strength, market chance preference drive down advantage prices fell. Back in the domestic front side, after the authorities fixed the tone intended for L-type economy, stirring demand to elevate the economy is supposed to fall, commodity force drop. Looking ahead of time, commodity demand poor at the background can return Xiongtu encouraged to choose every board on short-selling of business trading ideas.

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